Park Thermal International is the leading North American supplier of Thermal Process Technology with a proven track record that started in 1938. Manufacturers around the globe rely on Park Thermal International for thermal processing equipment solutions.

Our dedication to advancing the art of thermal processing has driven us to incorporate the latest in computerized controls, instrumentation, insulation and heat transference technology providing the optimum in equipment. We work with our clients to find solutions for specific process requirements and help our customers excel in their marketplace. We also implement new design features that improve our customer's bottom line with reliability and availability of their production processes.

We have the capability to provide custom designed equipment suitable for our customer's various requirements and as an alternative, our refurbishing department can provide our clients an opportunity to extend the working life cycle of their existing equipment. Additionally, we have the largest inventory of used equipment fired by electric, gas or propane.

Combined with our ability to provide spare parts for any piece of equipment, heat-treating salts, on-site service, engineering support and alternative financing solutions, we ARE truly the ONLY single source for heat treating products, not only in North America, but across the world.